It all started with Jay-Z

    While on holiday in Croatia back in 2013, Grace had a dream where she was talking to Jigga about her business plans, and he told her "You have to call your business Penny & Meriwether"

    When she woke up, she bought and held onto it for the next 7 years, waiting for the right time.

    Pete founded our sister company Clockwork Espresso in 2014, where he designed PUSH - the world's most precise coffee tamper.

    Customers soon began to ask if it was possible to add their own branding, and unable to find a partner who matched Pete's obsessive attention to detail, he decided to create a system to just do that.

    After seeing friends frustrated by the huge minimum order quantities, long lead times, and poor quality marking available elsewhere, we decided to use our capabilities to make people's ideas come to life, on our favourite products, and so Penny & Meriwether was born.